Mike Franke
Mike FrankeJunior High School Programs
Mike works directly with the students at all of the junior high schools in Santa Clarita. He encourages the students to become leaders for their fellow students.
Stacie Chavez
Stacie ChavezHigh School Programs
Stacie has worked with youth for over 7 years and is dedicated to making an impact on the lives of the high school students that she works with.
Gloria Zavala and Mayra Vera
Gloria Zavala and Mayra VeraSupport Staff
Gloria and Mayra are willing to help and empower students whether it is at the elementary, junior high, or high school level. You can catch them on any campus in Santa Clarita.
Jennifer Thompson and Yolanda Calderon
Jennifer Thompson and Yolanda CalderonSchool Programs Supervisors
Jennifer and Yolanda oversee all of the school programs that are happening in Santa Clarita. They work with the team to help create educational and impactful programs.

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