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When and how can students sign-up for DFYinSCV?

Students can voluntarily sign-up for DFYinSCV anytime throughout the year. Students can obtain a membership form from a club meeting or the school’s DFYinSCV advisor.

DFYinSCV members get drug tested, right?

Yes, DFYinSCV members who have a membership form on file voluntarily agree to participate in random drug testing. Testing is done during club meetings using an oral cheek swab. DFYinSCV does NOT utilize urine or blood testing.

Who knows the results of the drug testing?

Drug testing is done by trained staff, and the results are held in strict confidence. Results will not be shared with other DFY in SCV members.

If a student tests positive, a school official will contact the parent(s) to make arrangements and help them and their child locate the appropriate support resources.

What if I take prescription medications?

Inform the drug test administrator of your prescriptions. If a medication causes you to test positive there is no negative stigma. It is well understood that so long as you are taking medications as directed by a doctor you are not abusing drugs. A secondary test may be conducted to clarify the results.

What if I’m in other clubs?

You can still be in DFYinSCV! Club meetings are only once a month and if you can’t make it to one that’s okay. Attend as many club meetings as you can. The more you come to the fun the meetings will be.

Can community service hours from other clubs count towards DFYinSCV community service?


Can parents come to a meeting/assembly?


How can I get another DFYinSCV shirt?

Contact the school’s advisor for a new shirt.

Can parents/family members volunteer/attend social events with the members?


If I was a member last year, or a couple years ago, do I have to re-register?

If you are at the same school as where you turned in the membership form, you don’t have to re-register.  

If I was a member in junior high do I have to complete another membership form?

Yes! If you would like to be in DFYinSCV in high school a High School Membership Form is required.

Do you have to be a DFYinSCV member to attend the club meetings on campus?

Non-members are more than welcome to attend a club meeting, social event, or community service event before committing to DFYinSCV.

When is the next club meeting?

Check the online calendar for the next club meeting!

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