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Drug Free Youth In Town (DFYIT) clubs are led by student officers! Student officers are given the opportunity to decide what activities are best for their club. Furthermore, DFYIT provides a support system by surrounding you with students who are like-minded. By resisting the temptation of substance use, you can send a powerful message of self-control and responsibility to your family, friends, school, and the community.

Community Service

*Babysitting for your family/doing household chores/helping immediate family members does not count as community service. If you have questions about what qualifies, please contact your advisor or DFYIT staff.

Ways to Complete Community Service

Please note that there may be varying age requirements at different locations.

DFYIT Group Projects

Youth Art Showcase 2017 Volunteer Waivor Form

Socktober – a month long sock drive benefiting the homeless in Santa Clarita during October

  • Youth Art Showcase March 25, 2017
  • X-Week in May
  • Community Beautification Projects

Other Opportunities

Social Events

social-eventsSocial events are held throughout the year to give students opportunities to have fun and meet new people.

Some events, like Mountasia Night and the Dodge Drugs Dodgeball Tournament, are organized by the DFYIT program and some are organized by individual school clubs. Events are announced at monthly club meetings and may or may not have a cost associated with them.