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Drug Free Youth in Santa Clarita Valley (DFYinSCV) is dedicated to giving recognition to students who choose to live a drug-free lifestyle.  The program supports the development of community leaders, service opportunities, and drug-free youth.  Club meetings, educational workshops, and the summits provide drug information, as well as opportunities to learn leadership skills through community service activities and educational (but fun!) field trips for junior high and high school students just like you!

Club Meetings

club-meetingsDFYinSCV operates like any other school club. Each school has a club advisor, club officers, and members. DFYinSCV meets monthly to discuss club business and plan events and projects. Meetings might also include special speakers, drug education information, and games that will make the meetings that much more fun! If you comply with all of the club rules, your membership is valid until you graduate from your current school.

A key component of the DFYinSCV program is drug testing. You may be randomly tested throughout the school year. This allows our members to proudly proclaim his or her drug-free status.

Junior High Summit

jr-highDFYinSCV hosts the annual Youth Summit for 350 DFYinSCV members from seven junior high schools. Fifty DFYinSCV members from each campus gather at The Centre to collectively learn the importance of making good choices in regards to drugs and alcohol. The day includes guest speakers, teambuilding activities, and socializing with their peers who share their values of being drug and alcohol free. Guest speaker presentations have included Councilmember Laurene Weste, Deputy Tom Drake, and Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital’s Dr. Privett. DFYinSCV members have the opportunity to encounter students from other schools and the ability to meet with their school advisor to plan the upcoming school year.

This year’s Junior High Summit is Tuesday November 1, 2016, at The Centre.

High School Summit

The High School Summit brings DFYinSCV members from eight high schools (Bowman, Canyon, Hart, Golden Valley, Saugus, Sequoia, West Ranch, & Valencia) together for a day of group activities, learning, and fun.

The High School Summit is open to the first 50 DFYinSCV members at each school who submit a field trip permission slip to their DFYinSCV advisor. Attendees participate in different team building activities and are provided with resources and refusal skills to help them continue to make healthy and positive choices.

Leadership Conference

The Leadership Conference is held for junior high and high school DFYinSCV club officers as an opportunity to build leadership skills, understand their specific role in running their campus club, brainstorm, and prepare for a successful and fun year of DFYinSCV.

This event emphasizes the importance of being reliable, determined, and collaborative.

Lifeline Assemblies

assembliesLifeline Assemblies are conducted at all seven junior high school sites, with some schools hosting multiple presentations.  A total of 13 assemblies are conducted each spring and have reached more than 3,560 sixth graders.  The purpose of the assemblies is twofold.  First, the assemblies provide age appropriate information about the dangers of drugs and strategies to help students make positive choices.  Secondly, the assemblies are an introduction to the DFYinSCV program that students will be eligible to participate in when they enter junior high.

Assemblies are hosted by DFYinSCV staff members and include presentations by LASD officers, William S. Hart Union High School District nurse Alison Schmidt, junior high principals, and junior high and high school DFYinSCV Officers. Surveys were sent to all schools to obtain feedback on the assemblies and 1,960 surveys were returned and will be used in planning the next year’s assemblies. Highlights from assemblies include a smoker’s lung replica and hands-on experiments to demonstrate the concept of peer pressure.


x-weekX-Week is a DFYinSCV sponsored week-long event hosted on each campus creating awareness of the dangers of drug use. X-Week is a great way to positively impact each campus with activities promoting a drug free lifestyle.  X-Week stands for students “Xing” drugs out of their lives. DFYinSCV members facilitate activities each day during the week at lunch or brunch with “Dump the Cup” (reminds students in a fun way that a cup full of alcohol should be dumped out and can be stacked instead of consumed), “Don’t Get Tied to Drugs” (relay races that remind participants that using drugs is a hindrance to their success), “Free Wheelin’ Wednesday” (an opportunity for students to experience using impairment goggles while trying to successfully control RC cars), and “Get Glazed, Not Blazed” and “DoughNOT Do Drugs” (events that include glazed doughnuts for students who participated).   In addition to hosting games and music filled activities during lunch and brunch, thousands of DFYinSCV members and non-members signed banners pledging to be drug free.

Good Choices Assemblies

Good Choices Assemblies will be conducted at 38 elementary schools throughout the Santa Clarita Valley. Our mission is to provide students with a positive message and encourage them to make good choices regarding drugs and alcohol. The Good Choices Assemblies are student’s first introduction into the Drug Free Youth in Santa Clarita Valley (DFY in SCV) program. The program encourages youth in the Santa Clarita Valley to be drug free by educating and empowering students to lead a positive and healthy lifestyle.